2018 – Straighten Up! Make This Your Organized Year

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How about making this the year of getting your business and your space organized! The beginning of a new year is a time when many think of starting anew. So much so, that the National Association of Professional Organizers set January as “Get Organized Month” back in  2005 and have been promoting it ever since.

Here are few ideas to get your space better organized:

Give yourself a clean shot.

A friend of mine complains about working in her office. It is arranged with her U-shaped desk toward the back of the room, with a coffee table and couch on the wall in front of her desk. In order to sit at her desk, she must circumnavigate around the coffee table, then along one of the sections of her desk to get to the back to sit and work.

This wouldn’t be so difficult if she were able to stay in this space for longer periods of time and be productive, but that wasn’t the case. Every time she got up to go to her design table, she walked the circuitous path and hopefully didn’t bang her shin along the way. Although the steps added up on her activity tracker, it wasn’t the most effective way of working. Since the coffee table was only a decorative space to hold magazines, I suggested she remove it and turn her desk 180-degrees. This opened her path and shortened the distance.

She is much happier now with the open space and ease of function. She did have to purchase a gym membership to keep her activity in check, however!


Clear off your desktop

Take everything off your desk and dust it off. Pretty nice, isn’t it? Before putting anything back, determine exactly what has to be on it. Your computer, phone for sure, but what else? The paperclip jar, tape, and stapler – do you really need them on your desk? If it’s not something you use a regular basis, and by regular I mean several times per day, then store them in a drawer. Plastic trays or dividers work well to keep the small stuff in check.

Next, what about all that paper? Yes, it’s time to really do as you planned and get it sorted and filed. Keeping only essentials visible on your desk goes a long way to promote better work habits, creativity and productivity.


Check your storage needs

Being a business owner is hard work and there’s always lots of it. It’s easy to put things into piles in a corner with the intention of putting it away later. As paperwork, binders, brochures and who knows what else piles up, the space you had designated for files and storage may not be adequate. Take a look around and assess what you have for filing, bookshelves, storage and holding supplies.

It’s probably past time to dispose of things you no longer use to clear space for what you need. If you still need more room, it may be time to get creative. Sometimes a bookcase with storage baskets is a better use of space than using drawers. Think of the space that’s higher than your desk. Putting shelves on a wall be a better use of the wall elevation than decorative photos.

While you want to keep your space attractive so you like working within it, having things stored in an orderly manner is always more enjoyable place to work than having clutter everywhere.

Making small changes can yield big rewards and you’ll amaze yourself with how much you can accomplish in a small amount of time. Schedule 20-minutes this week, to start getting things in order. You’ll be happy when you do!







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