It Will Squash My Creativity!

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My last newsletter spoke about the five “Function-alities”. As a reminder, please see my their descriptions here.

Today, let’s talk about the wonderful life of a “Creative” and how it can affect their time management, along with some ideas to help work with their personality and not against it!

We all know people who use a specific type of day planner, mark their time in by the minute and are never at a loss for what to do, or where more can fit in. If your Funtion-ality is mostly Creative, then you can probably feel your throat tighten up while I’m just talking about using your planner this way!

It would be nearly impossible for someone with the imaginative, free style thinking to conform to such stringent formats. This would squash your creativity and cause complete rebellion within your brain! However, being so free wheeling that things are in chaos, fall through the cracks and are forgotten is not exactly conducive to building income in your business either!

So what can be done?
There are many tools out there to help!

The best systems for planning and keeping track of work are:

  • Whiteboards or large wall size Post-it™  notes
  • Great Apps are:  and
  • Use color and anything that allows you to capture ideas visibly
  • Use Mindmapping for free flow though capture
  • Clipboards keep papers visible, yet organized (out of sight, out of mind mean anything to you?)
  • Open pocket wall files work well

When it come to time management:

  • Role play separate days or half-days to focus on what needs to be done. For example: Marketing Mondays, Financial Fridays, or Client Care Center for Wednesdays – this all adds the creative into the focus.
  • Make productivity fun – it’s not all serious

Productivity deterrents are that typically you get bored easily and avoid repetitive tasks. This is where having a set system that can be delegated to someone else is important.

There’s always a way to create a productive working environment and functions for you and who you are!

Next  time, we’ll talk about the Pragmatic Function-ality.



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