A Little Planning Goes a Long Way!

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I am a firm, no, fanatical believer in planning. Quite frankly, it makes life so much easier, that I have a tough time understanding why everyone isn’t as crazed about it as I am! I know, this is a bit judgmental, but if I could only show one person how much easier things are when a plan is set in place, then I’m a very happy woman!

Don’t get me wrong, I love spontaneity too. I firmly believe that because of great planning and preparation, spontaneity comes easier and is more fun! Here’s how that works: I love to cook, but I don’t like having every meal planned out for the week. So, my hybrid version is to plan 3-4 meals for the week. When I shop, I make sure that I have the necessary ingredients for those main courses. This immediately sparks my imagination into how I can transform this into other meals so that it never seems like we are having anything close to “leftovers!”

For instance, I may plan that we will have spaghetti with meat sauce on Wednesday. When I brown the meat, I brown an additional amount and reserve it. This means that I already have the main ingredient to make tacos or something like that using that meat.  Let’s look at my savings on this:

  • I simply purchased a larger package of ground beef which is usually a less expensive price per pound.
  • I shopped once and did not have to make a return trip to the store.
  • I cooked once by doubling my efforts while browning the beef.
  • I saved prep time fixing the second meal.
  • I can also be spontaneous and change up the second meal because I have a staple ingredient ready to go.

That’s nice, you say, but how can I use this in my business? Let me walk you through some of my planning.

I set aside time to plan out my quarterly blog schedule and base it upon what my major offering will be during this quarter. Doing this lets me build up to my offer launch as well as being used in multiple sources, too.

January is all about planning. I will be writing articles to encourage my community of business owners to spend a little time creating some plans and decide how you will grow your business this year. So, each week of January has a planned blog and the information builds upon the last week’s article. Once I write the article, the main point can be used in numerous ways, leveraging the time I spend and creating greater impact because my audience sees information in various formats, all tying into one central theme. Once again, I am able to use one “main ingredient” to save time for other portions. Let’s look at my savings on this:

  • I spent time once in planning and then executed the weekly idea by completing the writing.
  • I wrote once and can use the article multiple ways: blog post, newsletter, submitted articles.
  • Snippets of my article can be gleaned a used for social media postings.
  • I have the basis for use in a speech, workshop or training.
  • Ideas of forms, checklists and procedures come out of my articles, too.

By spending about 30-minutes planning out my posts for the next three months, I can easily write my articles, work once and use it many times. This saves me hours if work.

How can you save time in your business with a little planning? You can do this!

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