Are You Ready for the ‘Yes’?

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Tips for making it easy for new clients to hire and work with you.


What happens when someone says ‘yes’ – they want to work with you? Are you ready? Today’s clients are looking for quick, easy responses to their purchases. This means that when they say ‘yes,’ you must be ready to get them on board and working with you quickly and easily.

  • Define what it means to work with you. 
  • Identify what needs to take place before they start to work you? Take time to write the steps and instructions. 
    a. How will payment be made?
    b. How will they receive, sign and return your contract?
    c. How will they schedule appointments with you?
    d. What forms, documents or instructions need to be sent to them?

If a new client is confused on the process they must follow, the door will be opened for them to question whether they made a good choice to work with you and may back out. This obviously leaves you without a client, but chances are they will tell others and you may potentially lose out on more work.

  • Make your system simple to follow.
  • Be clear with instructions.
  • Write down your process and then have a friend or colleague review it to be sure you haven’t overlooked anything.
  • Finally, create any necessary forms and put your system into place.

Your clients will be impressed by your professionalism and thank you for making it easy to work with you!

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