Back to School!

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studySeptember is National Learning and Development month. Yes, there are themes for every month and nearly every day of the year! This particular subject is probably a tie in to children returning to school Entrepreneurs are always learning, but I think that this theme is really two fold. I’m going to speak about learning in this week’s newsletter and address the second part, development next week.

Learning is an ongoing process. It’s a part of growth and in this fast paced world, it’s necessary. If you aren’t growing – through learning – then you are shrinking. There is not much choice in business. There is always someone out there who is willing to go a little further and take another step which is out reach you, unless you keep up.

Also, there’s the lesson you are forced to learn. We all know about these. They arise when you don’t trust your gut and go ahead anyway. They arise when you are blindsided. They arise out of ignorance and out of necessity. These lessons are the ones we remember the most, too.

Professional development is a regular part of my schedule. I also focus on specific training because it’s easy to grasp at different things as they come along. I could download and start a new training every day! That’s the difficult part of having a full buffet of internet information. I focus on one thing each month. This way I am expanding my knowledge, and not getting bogged down, or scattering my attention.

Take five minutes and think about the areas you would like to learn more about. Here are some topics to help you get going:

  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Speaking
  • Email processing
  • Online presentations

Mark down the topic at the top of each month and then schedule in time each week to study that topic.
The next step will be development, or the application of this learning.


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