BE EFFICIENT, BECOME A BLOCKHEAD! How you can create a workable schedule

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blog 3-24-16 2I’m big on scheduling and working in routines creating routines.  When I speak of this, the first response I usually get: “I’ve got so much going on, in so many different directions, there’s no way I can schedule my day.”  THAT is precisely why you need to work within a blocked schedule and honor your routines!

Look, I get it, we all have busy and diverse lives and the unexpected does arise. When you main source of income is your business, you cannot take your time lightly. After all, time is the only non-renewable resource we’ve got.

I believe in using blocked schedules, not scheduling every minute. My experience has shown that booking with minute increments doesn’t work. Your schedule shouldn’t look like this: 8:00 a.m. start computer, read email; 8:15 post Facebook, 8:30 make call…..etc. That would drive even the most ridged of people crazy!

A blocked schedule is working with grouped activities and tasks that are similar, setting a large enough time to be productive and do these on a regular schedule.


  • By working this way, you will get into the flow and be more efficient.
  • Keeping regularly scheduled blocks, creates a routine and this helps you automatically get into the groove to focus on a specific type of task.
  • It will keep you on top of things and they won’t slip through the cracks
  • It also makes it easier for your customers and clients to work with you.


For example, by designating a specific time each week to do your writing allows you to get into a routine and your mind will pick up on this, opening the creative process. The set time makes it easy to work with your VA (Virtual Assistant), so they know when to expect written product form you, such as your blog or marketing communication. This is also the time that you can make progress on your bigger projects. Waiting to have enough time to do it all equates to nothing getting done, and you know that too. How many projects do you have in mind that just never get done?

Block your client appointments together on a couple of days each week. This way you’ll be able to focus on other business development projects during the other days. A thriving business means working both in your business and on your business.

Email and social media can be a vortex to suck the time out of your schedule and productivity. Schedule blocks of time during the day to work on these. You’ll train yourself to be very efficient and strategic working your email and getting your message out in social media, if you do.

Give this a try by implementing blocked time in your schedule on Monday’s first thing and on Friday’s the last thing. Block out the first and the last 2 hours of your workweek for business development. Use the time to plan what must be accomplished, and wrap up loose ends. I can assure you that in just two weeks you’ll be amazed how much you’ve gained from just this step and you’ll want to expand!


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