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Last week, I had the privilege of speaking at the Inspire! Women’s Leadership Retreat. I spoke about how to take an idea and turn it into a workable plan.  This is definitely a useful skill that I take from my experiences working in the construction industry and apply it to small business. (See a clip from my speech here: Lesley Ingves Speaking Video)

I present to you this system in today’s blog.

3 Tips to turn your idea into a real, successful plan

green fernBuilding a structure or a business can be a messy. There are lots of separate pieces and parts which need to be managed and brought together cohesively. This can be very difficult, but the results of not putting things in place in the proper order are stressful and costly. 

Unfortunately this is often a pitfall for entrepreneurs. They attempt jump from a vision or idea directly into implementing or building it. This sequence is off and it’s like trying to put a roof on a building without walls. The result are often discouraging.

By following just three steps, you can significantly decrease the stress of putting your idea into place. These steps will also bolster the probability of things working out the way you hoped, too.

You can apply this system to product launch or a full business structure.


  1. Concept Design – Write or draft out your idea on paper so it can be viewed from a perspective other than just in your head. This allows you to see it more objectively than when we are thinking it through. Once you have it all spelled out, read through and determine if you still see the same value that you thought you would and decide if you are willing to commit to doing what it takes to bring it to fruition.  If your answer is yes, then proceed to step 2.
  2. Design Development –During this step, it’s time to ask questions about the feasibility of your idea. Analyze by answering questions such as:  Is there a market for it? Do you have the resources needed to build it out?  What return should you expect on your investment of time and money?  Positive responses here moves you to step 3.
  3. Working or Construction Design – Time to turn your idea into a real plan. Fully map out the details of your plan and how it will be executed. Specify all the steps that need to be taken. Give as much detail as you possibly can. Create a working schedule, determine delegation, create a budget, etc.
Progressing through these three steps will bring you to a good, workable plan. With this in place, it’s easy to know your next steps to success!

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