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Magnifying Glass Photo Credit: Todd ChandlerWhen we were kids, it was such fun to get a hold of my Father’s magnifying glass and play! The glass was about 4-inches in diameter, with a metal band wrapped around the edges which met and screwed in at the top of a green, ridged handle. Once, I played with the handle, unscrewing it enough that I loosened the metal band and the glass fell to the ground scratching it. Dad wasn’t too happy about that! He always took great care with his tools.

The fun part (when I was once again allowed to touch it!), was taking it outside and viewing the world at a macro level. Things that my naked eye overlooked, were now expanded for me to learn of the details. Ants have icky little hairs on their legs! Leaves have veins that make pretty patterns from within! Even the plain dirt, sometimes had minute little creatures, that were tiny even with this magical viewer.

One had to be careful of walking about, while focusing your view through the glass, because while you concentrated on all the details, a large object might be overlooked and cause a fall.
Did you ever think this same sort of thing could happen in business? Are there times when you become so engrossed in and worried about little details that you loose view of your big picture? This can happen to all of us.

With so many moving pieces and separate parts to operate a business, the possibility of this happening increases. Think about it, you get engrossed in performing every little task to perfection and realize your days have been filled with work, but not much progress. The opposite can also happen. Targeting a big goal and hurriedly working to get to it, so that you forget some details and things unravel.

TIPS to keep from getting stuck in the details, or becoming out of focus looking at your ultimate goals:


  • Set clear goals and take time to address how these goals intertwine with other aspects of your business
  • Create the steps to get there, recognizing that some steps may have to change and adjust
  • Weigh new opportunities and decisions based upon how they progress you toward your goals and how much effort the details will take to add this new opportunity
  • Finally, form the habit of evaluating tasks necessary to achieve your goals. This may be likened to looking through the magnifying glass at the detail and then lifting your head up and pulling the glass away to view these details within the bigger picture.

The third thing you can do with a magnifying glass is to focus the sunlight so tightly onto an object, that you can actually cause it to burst into flames. Imagine the delight of such super powers! I think that this can be a secret weapon for entrepreneurs, too. No, I don’t mean for you to start your office on fire! I am referring to the benefits of targeting your attentions on one thing to build it out and make it work.

This is not contradictory to my tips above. This is about intentional focus of your efforts. Rather than scattering your energy and resources on numerous projects, pick just one and see it through to completion. Then, move on to the next project. It’s far better to have one thing complete and be able to use it, than to have a hundred things partially done.

Following these tips will definitely magnify your outcomes!


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