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Happy New Year!

The beginning of a television show I watched, really got me thinking. The scene was not integral to the overall plot, but it set the stage. Two boys of about 12 years of age were hanging out together at the end of a cul-de-sac. The neighborhood was typical American suburbia, with the vestiges of holidays recently past still on many doors.

As one boy shot hoops, the other slowly made circles on his bike disgusted and pointing how horrible this time of year was. He lamented that junk food was now banned in his house, and the other joined in about how they were eating a lot more salads now too. The first stated that this sort of thing happened every year with their parent’s new year’s resolutions and all they had to do was wait a few weeks for things to return to normal. Both laughed in agreement.

Sound familiar?

We hear a lot about New Year resolutions and turning over a ‘new leaf.’ I completely disagree with this philosophy of making big decisions to change because it’s a new year. The boys already learned what most of us know too, resolutions are thought of briefly, tried for a few days and then dropped, only to be thought about again when the next New Year rolls around.

Why is this?

New year resolutions are often big, sweeping changes with little or no possibility to gain traction. You know the type I’m referring to:

  • I’m going to lose 20 lbs this month!
  • No more sugar, caffeine, gluten, chocolate or fats!
  • I’m going to get up at 4:00 a.m. and run 15 miles every day!

Yeah, uh huh. I see those really happening. The expectation there is of immediate gratification, no interruptive influence, and are honestly doomed to failure.

This year, I am proposing taking smaller, monthly steps. In the beginning of each month, I will write about a specific facet of life and assert my intended goals for that month. As time goes on, I will build on the previous month’s’ changes and work on improvement in another area of day to day life.

Real change comes from taking steps to making progress. Sometimes those steps are leaps, but mostly, they are small move. All the steps add up and most people will keep going if the steps are manageable.

So, for January, I’ve decided that it starts with me. I am starting by laying the foundation of making changes within myself first and building upon this. As I mentioned, I’m looking at small changes, but these are changes that have great impact. To begin, I have decided that I will meditate in the morning before I start my day for 10-minutes and increase my daily water intake to the recommended eight glasses.

You may have chuckled when you read these goals, but they are a strong foundation. Meditation calms me and water is a life source. It’s good for my body and mind. I see only benefits.

I invite you to join along this month and those that follow. Take a little time and map out ideas for the entire year. This should only take about 10-minutes. Each month, select a couple of little things that you would like to improve personally. These are things that only hold meaning to you, but will impact all of your life. What impacts us personally, will impact us professionally, spiritually, financially and in every other way we can think of. We are complete packages, no one aspect of life is separate from the rest This is why I chose to start at the center, with me.

February will be another small thing that will grow and build from the previous month. February I’ll focus on growth of my business. I will challenge myself to make an additional sales contact each week. Small, I know, but very doable. Doable means it become routine. Routine means it’s part of my life and will continue, similar to brushing my teeth every day.

With these little changes in place and growing from one thing to another, I will look back at the end of next December and see many ways that I have grown and improved. What will you choose to improve in your life for today and your future?



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