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Last week, I mentioned that September is National Learning and Development Month and provided this tip to focus your learning:

“Professional development is a regular part of my schedule. I also focus on specific training because it’s easy to grasp at different things as they come along. I could download and start a new training every day! That’s the difficult part of having a full buffet of internet information. I focus on one thing each month. This way I am expanding my knowledge, and not getting bogged down, or scattering my attention.

Take five minutes and think about the areas you would like to learn more about. Here are some topics to help you get going:

  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Speaking
  • Email processing
  • Online presentations

Mark down the topic at the top of your monthly calendar and then schedule in time each week to study that topic.”

Now comes the second, and most important portion of this theme:

developmentDevelopment refers to growth, expansion and evolution of something
. In this case, it’s you and your business. Development ties into the learning element as the action stage. Putting your learning to use to help grow and expand your business is true development.

We all know at least one person who is very, very smart. It’s amazing how much knowledge they have. Yet, sometimes these are the very people who cannot seem to be able to tie their own shoes! (I know you are nodding your head!)

Learning and knowledge without application, is as useful as a library that never opens its doors. Tony Robbins says: “Knowledge is not power….it’s potential power. Execution will trump knowledge any day.”

Here are the steps to round out your learning and development. When you decide what your area of focus will be at the beginning of each month and schedule learning time, also set up time for implementation of what you have learned.

I know – you’re groaning: “When am I going to find the time to do that? It was hard enough to find time for the learning aspect!”  Here’s my surprise: you’ve already found that time! Take the time you scheduled for learning, cut it in half and use the other half for execution!

Every little bit that you learn and execute will help develop your business and in a relatively short time, you’ll be seeing big results!


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