How bad does it have to get before something is done about it?

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My mind has a way of travelling down paths of seemingly unrelated items and finding a way to tie them together.  Meandering down such a path today, I thought about those questions my friend’s injury brought up and applied them to other aspects of life. I kept running the question in my mind “How bad does it have to get before something is done about it?”  My honest answer was: Pretty bad.

Can you relate to this? Where do you allow yourself to be long suffering as if this is a badge of courage to be shown off? I have found this to be a common trait amongst entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the ways it shows itself:


  • Doing all your own administrative tasks
  • Creating all your own marketing material
  • Doing your own bookkeeping/accounting
  • Updating your website


I’ve done it, I’ll admit. When I first started out, I wore every hat possible. It all rested on my shoulders and over time, this burden took its toll. I was having trouble determining where to spend my time. Everything was important and I only have so much energy and so many hours in each day. I’ve spent countless hours doing all those things listed and do you know how much it advanced my business and how much money all that made me? A big, fat zero!

solution2-18-16All of these tasks are very necessary parts of operating a business, but they are not the areas that my talents, time and efforts should be focused on. By delegating these tasks to someone else, my time is now free to be working with clients and having important sales conversations with potential clients.  Guess where the countless hours focused on those two items get me? You got it, they bring in money and increase the bottom line.

In effect, hiring someone else to take on the tasks involved to operate my business doesn’t cost me money, it makes me money.

It’s a big step to learn to delegate, but deciding to open your own business was a big step too, so you know you have experience making important decisions and taking action.
Step up and lead your business to success by handing over obligatory work and focus on your genius, that’s what leading a business is all about!




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