How Significant is Your Time?

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We say it all the time: “Where has the time gone? It’s like it was just yesterday!” If you are guilty of saying it, raise your hand!
We are all allotted the same 24-hours each day, yet most of that time seems to go by in a blur. Sadly, not only are we missing out of much of life by just letting it wash away, but it can also cause feelings of lack of fulfillment.

How can we get back in touch with our days so that we are not only productive, but give us fulfillment and the happiness in our work that we desire?


riverI like to think that going through my day is like walking. Picture what happens with every step. Each step leaves one foot in the past, where you have been, while the other bravely swings forward into the future. All the while, the biggest part of you is balanced in between, in the present. It is in the middle, in the present where we actually live our lives. It is our minds that we allow to look back over the past steps – this causes us to trip and fall. Or, if all we do is wish our time away looking to the future, we miss what is happening to us right now.

Our strongest memories are those which were formed during an emotionally charged time. Think of the birth of your child, or September 11 and you will be able to vividly recall where you were and what you were doing ‘when.’ These types of big events are obviously emotionally charged, so how can we gain more enjoyment out of the day-to-day occurrences which don’t provide that emotional surge?  It’s hard to get hyped up over clearing your email and filing paperwork.

The key is to recognize the significance of what you are doing. This is really a combination of being in the present – where you are functioning and tying into that forward step. So if you look at opening your email inbox with the recognition that you will be responding to inquiries about your services, reading others newsletters and learning, helping your current clients, etc. Does this seem a little different than thinking about “clearing your email?”

There is significance in everything we do, if we take a moment to put it into this perspective. All of those ways you are now working with your email is helping to promote your business, provide top level customer service, and expand your knowledge and open opportunities. This small shift of attitude toward a typical, daily business task bestows and emotional contribution because of its overall importance in your business, and in turn your life.

When you have many items on your to-do list and it all seems overwhelming, stop for a moment and expand your recognition of each task to its end significance. This will give more meaning to all you do in a day and keep everything from becoming a blur.




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