Do you constantly buy new calendars and apps trying to stay on top of your schedule?

Does it seem that every time you get into a flow, someone interrupts you?

Are you ready to start producing results and not just manage your activities?

Do you want more time to do the things that really matter?

Join me for a learning workshop that delivers the breakthrough you’ve been looking for!

During this 90-minute learning workshop, you will:

  • Validate how your personality affection the way you function. Once you identify your “Function-ality,” you will learn how to find the right productivity tools for you

  • Reclaim control over your schedule and find time for important things

  • Break those habits that cause overwhelm

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Let’s face it, we are all busy. Yet why is it some people seem to accomplish so much and still have time to do fun things? Why does it seem you are always working and never get to have any fun?

timeHere’s the scoop: each of us is different. We learn differently, think differently, and each we work a little differently. What if you discovered that the problem with managing your time and being more productive isn’t because you are doing something wrong, but rather because the system you are using is wrong for you? It’s like you’ve been trying to walk a mile in the wrong size shoe! It’s not you, it’s because the system isn’t aligned with how you function! Consider that there is a different way of working.

During this workshop, we’ll identify the three different Function-alities and provide clear information on what system are aligned with yours. The result? Old, ineffective work practices will be replaced with new habits that empower you. You will learn a new approach to work that will make your activities fun!


Join me and learn how to shift and excel!


Date August 10, 2015
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Location: Sacred Intelligence, 154 Hempstead St, 1st floor, New London, CT

Fee: $25.00
Space is limited! Be sure you register early!


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