Let’s Be Realistic

In my continuing discussion about the five ‘Function-alities.’ As a reminder, please see my their descriptions here. Last time I explained how a “Creative” could work with time management. Today, we’ll discuss the functioning personality that I think is the complete opposite of the Creative, namely, the “Pragmatic.”

Pragmatic –  These analytic folks focus on details and dislike inaccurate information. They like to take time to mull things over, investigate and understand the theory behind things. Pragmatics are comfortable working independently, and can be critical, precise, logical.

Hmm, I’ll bet we all know of at least one person like this! Because these folks love to see things come together sensibly and realistically, they often lean toward jobs like Accounting and Programming.

Time management is something that is logically laid out and followed to the the ‘T’! The easy part is that most day planners are designed by Pragmatists for Pragmatists! So there are many out there that work well.

Great systems for them are: 

  • Time trackers and to-do lists with reminders
  • Keeping logs, tracking progress
  • Notepads and label makers (don’t use lots of separate notepads, keep things together)
  • Calendars and action plans – in fact most are completely lost without a plan to follow!

But with all this tracking and keeping things in order, there are productivity deterrents. If this is your working style, understanding the blocks can help you to work around them.

Here are some of the blocks:

  • Liking to control and rigidity, sometimes to the detriment of relationships and team.
  • Sometimes you get stuck in structure and deviation from the plan really throws you for a loop.
  • Emails/correspondence are typically very short and may be misinterpreted as terse.

Pragmatic focus on the practical, “how do we get this done,” side of any task, initiative or goal and are a valuable part of any team. So whether you are of Pragmatic Function-ality or work with someone who is, use these strengths and work through the blocks. It will make for a strong working relationship!

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