Let’s Get Social!


We’re up to the third of the five Function-alities™ and this time we’ll talk about the Socialite! (All five Function-alities™ are described here)

Bringing people together to work cohesively is indeed a gift! If the Function-ality™ you best relate to is the Socialite, then you are a born team leader and collaborator. You are needed! 


Always the supportive “people-person,” you love working with a group, enjoying the interaction with lots of opportunity for expression and talk.  Acknowledgment is appreciated and impersonal interaction is not.

Often they think of others and have tendency to save things that might be of value someday. So, clutter may be an issue. (I can help with that!)

Great tools and systems for you are those that provide incentives or accountability (rewards for achieving goals should be social activities). It’s obviously important that work is tracked and measured for purposes other than the bottom line.

Because all this interaction can take up a lot of time, it’s important to learn to set some boundaries so your own work doesn’t get backed up. Having a specific open/closed door policy is a great help. Create  a routine of closing your door during set times of the day so you can concentrate and get your work complete. Don’t worry, your team will learn to work with you because they know that when your door is open, it means you are open to their interaction!

Since you  perform at your best when working with a team, be sure to surround yourself with people who support your values. It’s the Socialites who are able to bring together people from all of the Function-alities™ and appreciate each of them for their special qualities!




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