LOVE to Organize!

We’re up to the fourth of the five Function-alities™ and this time we’ll talk about the…drumroll…..Organizer! (All five Function-alities™ are described here) This is my favorite one to talk about because it best describe me!

I pull strongly between the Organizer and the Creative. (You’ll have to go back to see all my traits here.)

Let’s look at some of the traits of the organizer  and some of the stumbling blocks to functioning this way.

Organizer – We are very task oriented people who quickly see steps in a process and tend to dislike random thinking. Established systems and carrying out tasks is the methodology we use to get things done. Typically we keep accurate records, can be methodical, are list makers and think taking notes makes sense. I’ll confess:  I make lists all the time and sometimes will add items I’ve already accomplished, just so I can cross them off!  Very conscientious workers, but we can be inflexible at times. (Well, others may be inflexible, I, of course…..)

As you see, these very traits are the ones that I play with to work with my clients and help them move out of the chaos of a disorganized office. I am always mindful of the five Function-alities™ and make every effort to create systems that work with their gifts and natural working tendencies

Most Organizers have a few stumbling blocks too. We become so obsessed with things being scheduled and planned out, spontaneity gets lost in the shuffle. That’s a shame sometimes. I wonder if I’ve missed out on some fun because of this. We can also put a high value on the final outcome of our plans and projects. It’s not easy to rebound when things don’t go smoothly.

It is exactly because I closely relate to both the seemingly ‘good’ versus ‘not so good’ traits of an Organizer that I recognize how important it is to have a variety of people surrounding me. I believe it is important to have team members who are strongly align with each of the five Function-alities, so the gaps in our productivity are bolstered by at least on person. This places high importance upon respect for individuals and their personalities, too!

Remember that each of us is special and talented in our own way. Understanding how we function and relate to other Function-alities a little better, helps to create a workplace that is far more productive and a nicer place to work!

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