No One Does It Like Me!

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  • “They just don’t do it the way I do.”

  • “It only takes me a minute.”

  • “By the time I’ve shown someone else how to do it, I could have it done myself.”

  • “I can’t afford to hire someone.”


Where do you fit in with the above excuses for not delegating work? These are the most common responses to my urging to get assistance for operating your business.

Here’s the deal: if you continue to run your business so that you are the only one who can operate it, then you are putting yourself in a box, discounting your valuable skills, and the valuable skills of others. You may not have thought of it this way, but you are operating from an egocentric place and keeping your business from growing. I know you had no intention of managing your business in this manner.


I’m going to take a quick look at each of these explanations and give you a tip on how to overcome them.

  1. “They just don’t do it the way I do.” Yes, everyone has tendencies that are a little different. If there are things that no one can do as well as you, then those are exactly the things you should be doing. However, there are numerous other tasks that others can do as well, if not better than you. That is exactly the things you should delegate.

Keep a sheet of paper beside your desk and jot down the different tasks you do during a week. Yes, I know it will be a long list! Review the list and determine which thing someone else could do for you. Write down the steps you take when you do it. This is imperative. Use this written procedure to train your assistant. Now, there are two people who “do it just the way you do!”


  1. “It only takes me a minute.” If you could truly spend only ‘a minute’ doing something – which I highly doubt is accurate – then how many minutes do you spend doing these tasks? If answering the phone only takes a minute, added to data entry, plus filing a paper, opening the mail, ordering office supplies, and on and on. These minutes add up and before you know it, a whole day is gone.

Follow the steps for all the tasks you performed, and create a procedure then delegate the work. You really shouldn’t waste your time filing and ordering supplies. You have much greater work to perform.


  1. “By the time I’ve shown someone else how to do it, I could have it done myself.” Perhaps this statement is true this time. I’d wager a lot of these tasks are frequently repeated. If you add up the time you spend repeatedly performing trivial work, you’ll soon realize that taking a few more minutes to train someone else, will save you a whole lot of time in the long run. Also, creating written procedures means that if you take on a second assistant, or if someone leaves, you already have the groundwork complete to train them too.


  1. “I can’t afford to hire someone.” You can’t afford to not hire someone! Take a moment to add this up. If you charge $200 and hour and you can hire someone to perform other tasks at $50 an hour, then you are earning more than enough to hire someone. By being able to spend your time focused on the tasks that make you money, you’ll be gaining more momentum toward reaching your goals.

Delegation is a big step into the true management of your business, and that is so necessary for success!



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