Solo Will Keep You So Low

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No successful business has ever been built by one person, acting alone.


This is a topic that I’ve written about before, but it keeps coming up so I’m going here again!

This is because there is simply too much to be done and done well if handled by one person. I get a lot of questions and resistance to delegating work from entrepreneurs. I know, it’s scary at first, but it’s truly the only way you can grow and leverage business expansion. I’m going to respond a some of the most common questions and struggles small businesses face when beginning to build a team.




  1. “It only takes a few minutes, so I just do it myself.”  I have two responses to this statement. First, you are not the most proficient at all aspects and tasks of operating your business. This means that continuing to go it alone is wasting your time, precious time that could be put toward fulfilling your real mission and gifts.
    Second, that “few minutes” probably takes longer than you think and if you add up that one task you do regularly, and all the others, we’re talking about a substantial amount of time in total! I’d wager that you could easily recover and hour from each day you work. Let’s just say that’s 5-hours a week, which is 20-hours a month, or 240 hours a year! Based on an 8-hour workday, you just gained 30 days! That might be a little bit useful toward eliminating some stress in your world!


  1.   “It’s easier to do myself than to teach someone else to do it.” This is evasive and small thinking. If you use a couple of hours to train someone and then turn it over to them, then you’ve freed yourself from having to repeatedly do the task. Right there, you’ve gained time, but also, if you are dabbling in performing these tasks, then you are not getting the highest quality work, because it’s not your gift. Why not hire someone who loves doing that type of work and is skilled and talented at performing it? This will automatically raise the bar of quality, and isn’t that what you are after anyway?


  1.   “I don’t have the money to pay someone, it’s too expensive.”  To this statement I ask: is that true? Is it really true? First, most people only surmise that it is too expensive to hire either an employee or a Virtual Assistant (VA) to perform specific work. I then ask my client to contact some VA’s to find out what the real costs would be.
    Secondly, suppose you are a Massage Therapist and you spend and hour writing your weekly newsletter. Then you spend another 2-hours setting it up in your mail server, finding photos that work and getting it scheduled to post everywhere. That’s 3 hours for just your newsletter. The first hour is on your shoulders because you are, at this stage, writing your own material. However, the 2-hours performing the set-up can probably be done in half the time by a skilled VA and at a price that is less than you would charge to provide your services to a client. Hire the VA!
    If you charge $100 per massage and the VA charges $50 and hour, you can get two clients to fill your time, make $200 and pay out $50 – you are still $150 to the good and I’ll be a lot happier than if you were messing around with the technology!
    AND, since you will not earn anything extra by continuing to do it yourself, you are actually losing money each time you do.


The final point here is that if you are serious about building your business and increasing income, then you must build a team that supports you. Hiring an assistant, either as an employee or as a contractor, is the first step to do so.

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. ~ H.E.Luccock







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