Stress Less for Success!

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What stresses entrepreneurs out these days? Stress, at one level or another, affects all of us, but being a business owner adds another layer of complexity to life and can create even more stressful situations.

  • Too many things to do
  • Clients
  • Not enough money coming in
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of results
  • The end of the year approaching
  • The upcoming holidays
  • Team members
  • Family matters
  • Health issues

stressI could go on and on with questions and many would be putting a check mark near many of these things. Note too, that there are personal items listed that may not be part of business, but they are part of you, and you are a big piece of your business pie.

If just reading through this list has made your chest tighten and breathing a little more difficult, then immediately, close your eyes and start naming all the different things that are in an arm’s reach of you right this very moment. This is a tip to get your focus into this moment and distract you from the anxiety being raised by businesses stresses.

Let’s begin again. The reality is that business is stressful, but there are things you can do to lessen the stress and enjoy your business more fully.

1. Create a plan and put structure into place. When you work in a “willy nilly” fashion and allow outside factors to influence what you do each day, this can be very stressful. First, because you just don’t know what you will be hit with, and second because you may not have the resources or resolve to deal with it.

Making a plan of what you want to develop in your business and how you choose to do so, gives you focus and puts you in charge. Now you can work from a place of power on your agenda, not someone else’s. When the unexpected does arise, you make a decision on how and when you will respond to it, keeping your agenda in the forefront. The confidence this creates has some pretty amazing effects and is much less stressful on you.

2.  Set a budget and work it. Here again, this puts you in the place of control. I know, I know, some of you don’t have much income from your business yet, so a budget seems like something you are not ready for yet. This is a big downfall and huge source of stress for entrepreneurs. The number one reason why business and marriages fail is money issues.  The benefits of setting a budget are tremendous from the start. It will keep you knowledgeable about where your money is going and help you to focus on whatever you need to do to get money flowing in. Business is about making money. Your budget is the first step to mitigating the stresses of money issues.

3.   Get is off your plate! You have simply got to learn to let go of doing some of the things on your to-do list. I know, you’ve heard it before, but honestly, how much of your stress is caused because you have too much to do and not enough time to perform it?  With less miscellaneous administrative tasks, you get things off your mind, you free up time – precious time, and more will get done. Those are facts.

Think of this: there are lots of people out there starting their virtual assisting business, just like you are working on yours, and they would love to help another entrepreneur. Hiring one to perform some of your administrative tasks is a win-win. They help you so you can breathe, you help them, so they can breathe.

You’ll never be able to remove stress from your business, but keeping it in check is the healthy and wise way to work.


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