successpic2I’m a professional event planner and found that the huge variety of events I was organizing a bit overwhelming. I wanted to focus my energies on one aspect of event planning, but felt confused and overwhelmed. Working with Lesley helped me focus on my strengths, abilities and talents and see exactly which aspect of event planning I should focus. Because of Lesley’s guidance I was now enjoying more freedom and I redirected my energies again and wrote: To Do Before “I Do”: Advice, Wisdom, and Practical Ideas for Organizing and Planning Your Wedding as well as To Cook Before “I Do”: Getting You Started in Your First Kitchen.

Rita Smircich –


successpic1Working with Lesley, I was able to define a path that worked for me. Lesley’s guidance helped me to realize that the elements of my business plan were too broad and I couldn’t focus. She showed me that I needed to get a strong foundation established and working before I could add services that may need to be tweaked.
I am currently working on defining new short term and long term goals, and am working on a marketing plan as a result of Lesley’s services. I look forward to the continued support and knowledge that Lesley has brought to making my success a dream come true.

Carla Demers –



Today I spent a FABULOUS AND REWARDING hour with Lesley who showed me how to make a dent in my 17,000 emails – plus some other helpful hints.

THANK YOU – you are an e-mail Goddess!

Anne Garland – Anne Garland Enterprised


Working with Lesley has helped me in many ways. Lesley has a very confident and professional manner which puts you at ease from the moment you meet her. After a few conversations I was feeling more confident about myself and my future. I would not be as far in the process of these life changing decisions without Lesley’s support, coaching, knowledge, sense of humor and guidance.

J. Way


Clients have said:

  • “Obviously if this was easy, no one would have a problem, but the prevalence of internet sites, TV shows, and books on simplifying business, or files and de-cluttering just shows how so many people need to do this! I’d imagine that one of the things stopping them is the emotional end of it, but the outcome: not only a clean and organized area, but a weight of the shoulders, a big job crossed off the to-do list, and best of all, the chance to focus and give my time and work to those who need it and can use it is SO fulfilling!!”
  • “Besides your physical help and moral support, your sense of humor and gentle discipline were priceless!”
  • “Working with you was so comfortable and easy.”