Take a Vacation Already!

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If you run a Bed & Breakfast or vacation resort, entrepreneurs are probably not a good target market for you. Even with a fabulous team in place, many entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable stepping away from the helm for even a short time.

Just as parents need a little time away from their children, entrepreneurs need to let go and have some time away from business. You cannot perform at your best if you are too tired to inspire and lead. Down time, away from work, replenishes your entire being, including your brain’s stores for attention, your motivation, creativity and overall disposition.

vacaOkay, so I get it. Just the thought of being away from your business for a week causes hives to break out. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be a whole week. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! A long weekend, or even a single day, could be enough time.

One of the reasons entrepreneurs go into business for themselves is to break away from the rules and set demands of the corporate world. But then when it comes down to it, those rules are so ingrained that we forget to make our own up. So, what if you went totally away from the norm and took off a Tuesday and a Wednesday? Radical thinking, huh?!

Think of it, you would avoid weekend crowds, you can bookend your mini-vacation with necessary work and business requirements, and it’s novel, so it feels kind of, well, naughty, like you’re cutting class! You are the boss, you get to make your own rules!

The important point here is to make whatever arrangements are necessary for you to gain time away from your business. This also means no checking email or texting your assistant during your time off.  Let’s be honest, the sky is not going to fall while you are detached.

Allow your mind time to reboot, and your body time to relax and rejuvenate. You need it and it’s good for you. I know you have a strong drive and desire to be successful, but burning out won’t get you anywhere.

So, com’on, make a plan and take some time off. You really do deserve it. Who knows? You might even reconnect with some of the people living in your house with you, I think they’re called family!


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