This is Resurrect Romance Week!

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journalThis is Resurrect Romance week! No, I haven’t started a dating blog. I want you to resurrect your romance with your business! You know you all felt it, that excitement, the mystery, the pure bliss of being able to say “I am in business!” You remember, don’t you?

After a while, all this work pile up, you lost touch with the excitement, the mystery began to come in the form of problems to be solved and the bliss,well, what was that all about?! Now you’re torn between the strife of making money and the joy of doing your personalized work. This roller coaster can be a hard ride and sometimes it even makes you queasy.

This is how it’s been for me in my business. One day on top, and the next I’m wondering if I should continue. Sometimes, this feeling of being torn between success and failure is caused by a lack of clarity about where I’ve been and what has been happening. I got caught up in doing and working and lost sight of all that I have accomplished, all my victories and progress. I hit a wall of frustration and disappointment.

In my efforts to resurrect the romance for my business, I saw the need to be clear in my intentions and stick to my plans, I began keeping a Productivity Journal. Doing so has become my ‘Wow!’ Handbook and now I’d be lost without it.

A Productivity Journal is a mash up of a planner, collection of ideas that may or may not be used, a record of daily events, a tracker of my steps and progress, and the place for my to-do’s, all in one. That sounds like a lot!

What exactly, is in my Productivity Journal?
Here is a list of the things:

  1. My Big Goals – I’ve listed my major 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year goals at the top of the page. I rewrite these at the beginning of each week so they are clear and imprinted in my mind.
  2. Today’s Actions – progress is about steps! Here is where I record my top three actions for the day and this becomes a record to help me where I might be stopping when I should get going.
  3. My Victories – large and especially, small. The smaller wins are easily forgotten, which is unfortunate. These are the ones that should be paid attention to and leveraged until you recognize how they add up.
  4. My Stumbles – we all have them. By recording them, I am able to analyze what went wrong and where I can make adjustments for the future. This is how true lessons are learned.
  5. People to Connect to – business is about relationships. Every day I connect via, social media, phone calls, email, or snail mail to at least three people. These may be colleagues, prospective clients, or those from whom I wish to learn.
  6. Ideas, Visions, and Desires (oh my!) – I’m always coming up with new ideas. If I began to pursue those ideas every time they arose, I’d be running all over the place and not accomplishing a thing! It’s important to capture them, however, because they very well may be productive at a later time.

I only spend about 10 minutes a day writing in this journal, but it is so valuable to me. I have gained a clarity of where I am heading and where I have been.
Occasionally, I read back through to see which ideas’ time has come, or just to bolster my self-esteem.

I highly recommend keeping your own Productivity Journal and altering it to fit your particular needs. It’s a very rewarding ritual!





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