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blog 3-10-16-2Deciding what tasks and projects to delegate is vital for any small business growth.  The time comes when you have to face it, you cannot do it all alone.

Determining what to delegate does not have to be a long or time intensive process.  Simply answering a few questions about the task will provide the solution you need.


Analyze the task by answering the following questions yes, or no:


  • Is the task a repeated process?
  • Is the task non-essential?
  • Do you hate performing the task?
  • Does the task fall within an area where you are not an expert?
  • Can the task be performed by someone else better than by you?
  • Is the task, in and of itself, non-revenue generating? (The task may be part of a larger plan or project which will produce income in the long run, but as a stand-alone task it will not.)
  • Does the task take up a lot of your time?
  • Does the task take you away from performing work that only you, as the business owner and CEO, can perform?
  • Do you enjoy doing the work, but you know it’s not the best use of your time?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, then it’s virtually a no-brainer, you should probably delegate these tasks. Then you can finally recapture your time and energy to perform work that only you, as the business owner can do.

Wherever possible, if a task can be automated, it should be.  Discuss these with your VA to determine who the right person is to set up the automated system.

I’ve created a free printable PDF you can download with these questions. This will help you keep them handy to run the delegation test and rest assured you have assigned the best jobs to others.



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