‘Twas the Night Before New Year

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‘Twas the night before new year
And all cross the land
People were stirring
And making big plans

The new year is nigh
With it’s promise anew
Bring on the success
Cries of hope and dreams too

Resolutions in hand
And a gym membership too
This year will be different
Exclaimed not a few

But by February’s cold
These wishes and dreams
Were lost in a snow storm
Or so it may seem

Though resolute at the start
Most people do find
Prolonged work and no plan
Quickly puts on the bind

Now is the time
For this year to explode
By reviewing the last
To move forward in quick mode

For my method of planning
Takes you first down the lane
Of all you’ve experience
In 2016 and explain

Each thing that grew you
And times things went awry
Will now form a new basis
And tie in to the how and the why


Resolutions be smashed!
And the path will be clear
For a new way to plan
Will bring you great cheer

“Review Planner” helps you see,
And this is really neat,
How your patterns and goals
Must work together, so you can’t be beat!

For this year to be different
A great system I give
Try my new planner
And reach goals so active

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