Unfinished Business

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“Two things rob people of their peace of mind:
work unfinished and work not yet begun.”

– Anonymous


I spent my morning cleaning up some project that I had started and never quite got around to finishing for one reason or another. It felt so good to get them off my plate, and out of my mind! One was part of a gift to my friend and when I sent it to her, she was so happy that it made me feel really good about this whole process.


So, what have you got hanging around that’s unfinished? A pile of papers, projects, or commitments? What happens when you think about them? It’s not particularly pleasant, is it?

There is so much energy and thought tied to things that are left unfinished, that it can really drag you down. Yes, I do mean physical energy as well as mental. That pile of papers on the corner of your desk, doesn’t it seem to mock you every time you walk into your office? That expulsion of air in one heaving sigh as you look at it. Or the information you were supposed to get out to that person two weeks ago.Now, so much time has passed, it’s almost embarrassing to send it.

To add to this, there is a psychological term called the Zeigarmik effect which has determined that people remember the unfinished tasks better than the completed ones. All of this causes stress – who needs more of that?!

What can be done? Reducing the stress is a two step process, but step one will have a big impact immediately. Since your brain likes to remember these unfinished tasks and keeps reminding you of them, you can lower this stress level by writing them down. Get them out of your head and onto paper or into your computer. This helps release them from your psyche.

Don’t get yourself all worked up if your list is long. At first, it probably will be a long list – you’ve been working hard! Acknowledge the hard work you’ve put into each of these items so far.

Next, no drum roll needed here, start finishing some of them. You may find that some are no longer relevant and can be scratched completely. Those that will take a two minutes or so, should be done immediately and crossed off.

I know you’re busy and I know that some of these are things you’re avoiding doing. Look at those and determine why you started them in the first place. If they are still of value and worthy of completion, then choose one, just one, and begin working on it again until you see it through to completion.

You’ll build your self-esteem for getting them done and some may be useful to gain new clients and bring in income. How great is that?!





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