What’s Your “Function-ality”?

Being efficient with your time and energy is secret sauce for business success. A big part of this ‘sauce’ is knowing what the best way to use your time and when your energy is at its peak.

Most people know when they function with high energy and when those levels are typically low. Release any preconceived ideas of when you should  be at peak. Some people are alive and creative in the early morning, others late night. It’s entirely up to you, go with what your body dictates. Just be sure you aren’t using your energy time in a way that precludes being able to get in touch with clients and make phone calls during their normal working hours!

The second part of the sauce is using your time. Time Management has become a catchphrase for everything from scheduling to prioritization to productivity. The reality is that you can only manage yourself and what you do within the given day of 24-hours.

Just like your energy flow, you have a specific way which you relate to time and the way you function. Wait, what?? Yes, despite all the best calendaring systems and time management advice you have heard, you still have to take into account how you function. Once you determine this, then you can adapt the system to work for you and your “Function-ality” or your personal way of functioning. What a great concept: You get to be YOU!

My research on this has concluded and narrowed down to five basic “Function-ality” types. As with anything like this, we will demonstrate traits from multiple types, but probably find that one is a bit stronger than the others.

Five Function-alities


  • Creative – These imaginative people like options and often have many ideas spinning at the same time. They approach life intuitively and can be idealistic. They can be emotional and sensitive. These are the nonconformists who really like to go their own way. Although impulsive, creatives are open-minded and prefer to be independent. They love varying work and can get bored easily. Problem solving is often demonstrated in innovative ways. (Read more)
  • Pragmatic –  These analytic folks focus on details and dislike inaccurate information. They like to take time to mull things over, investigate and understand the theory behind things. Pragmatics are comfortable working independently, and can be critical, precise, logical. (Read more)
  • Socialite – The born team leader and collaborator. They like processes that help others do their jobs more easily. These people perform at their best when working with a team. Idealistic, outgoing and extrovert, they are always helpful. Socialites enjoy teaching, good mediators and very cooperative. Responsible and reliable, they like to keep others informed. (Read more)
  • Organizer – Task oriented people who quickly see steps in a process. They tend to dislike random thinking. Staying in the background, they like established systems and carrying out tasks. These folks keep accurate records, can be methodical, are list makers and think taking notes makes sense. Conscientious, but can be inflexible at time. (Read more)
  • Big thinker – Goal oriented. They focus on the goal, yet often forget the details. Usually they are self-confident and persuasive, but can be perceived as ambitious and domineering. These folks Initiate projects and make decisions, but doesn’t always plan the way to get to the end result. The expression: the devil’s in the details, to them is really, the details are the devil. They are take charge types and enjoys excitement. (Read more)

I invite you to review each of these and pay attention to which traits seem to describe you. In future newsletters, I will provide some tips to help you work with your Function-ality and make your day flow more easily!


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  1. Pamela Gracey

    Excellent article – it really helps break down the five Function-alities so you can understand your work style. Now you can take it a step farther and improve your work flow. Thanks Lesley

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