About Lesley

My work is all about others. Helping others to enjoy their businesses, taking a load of work and thought off their shoulders. I do this by helping entrepreneurs to create systems that first become routine, and then second nature. Running the operations of your business soon become “the way you do things around here” and not be such a burden. That’s what I like to hear!

I do this because throughout my career, I’ve worked hard and I’ve worked smart. Working smart definitely makes for a more enjoyable experience! Face it, you are probably like many other entrepreneurs who began your own business because something inside you called and spoke to you. It told you that work which came from your talents would be rewarded, both with greater income and with personal satisfaction. You had a strong desire to have freedom. If you watched the movie “Braveheart,” the yell of “FREEDOM” by Mel Gibson probably shook your heart.  It’s the same battle cry you heard screaming in your head as you planned your escape from your job and set about becoming an entrepreneur.

I too, have answered that call. What I quickly discovered is there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there, following their dreams, and working themselves into ground to fulfill it. That really bothered me, and that’s when I determined that I can use my experience, skills and talents to help them!

You see, I have always loved building things. The idea of putting together lots of separate pieces, getting them to work in an organized way and seeing the big, beautiful structure really electrifies me! This is probably why I spent over 25 years managing construction projects. I oversaw the office operations on some huge projects. I’ve built skyscrapers and city blocks.

During these years, the greatest piece of advice came to me when I was being hired to work on the biggest project I’d ever been involved in. The cost of building this monstrosity was $1.2 billion.  Yep, billion with a ‘B.’ The idea of it was a little overwhelming, until the Executive Director said to me: “It doesn’t matter if you are constructing a dog house or a city. Building works the same way. You start with an idea, create a plan, start with the foundation, build up and then add the finishing touches.”

Yes indeed! This is a simple and concrete (no pun intended!) idea. It is these very words that I keep first and foremost in all I do for my own business and for my clients. Whether you are a solo-preneur just starting out or a big conglomerate, building a business works the same way.

You need five basic things:

  1. An idea
  2. A plan on how it will be created
  3. A strong foundation at the start
  4. Build up from there
  5. Finally add the finishing touches


Have you ever seen a building going up and wondered, “How do they know what to do next?”

Yes, there are a lot separate pieces, just like in your business. The secret is the system. In construction, there are specific steps, or divisions, so every trade knows what they are responsible for and when they can expect to be installing their portion of the project.

I believe in keeping it simple, working with you natural tendencies, and then build up from there.

I work with successful entrepreneurs to create those systems and processes that bring together all the different pieces needed to construct a profitable business.

If you are ready to let go of the burden hanging on your shoulders, save time, money, and headaches, I can help. If you are ready to have the business you dreamed of when your heart yelled “FREEDOM,” then let’s construct it together!